From The Vault – Guerilla Marketing Done Right

zappos Google

“From the Vault” is a new Saturday series in which I will post old campaigns that inspired me. First up is a Zappos campaign from 2015. Google set-up a clever campaign to drive awareness and trial for Google Photos. They had a food truck where one could buy a cupcake using a photo. Clever, right?

Photo credit: Adweek

Then out comes Zappos with a crudely put together “booth” parked right next to the Google’s slick food truck. Zappos’ message was simply “Pay with a cupcake”. Essentially inviting people to give them the cupcakes from Google and stealing Google’s thunder! It’s clear that Zappos invested less money, but got most of the benefits. Did they cross a moral line? That’s an argument for another day & is a reminder of why I love experiential so much!